What our guests say

  •   There is an evident mutual respect in the relationships he has developed with locals which makes him an infallible guide to see amazing sites, and enjoy superb food and wines in many of the local restaurants.  He was instrumental in making my holiday one of the most memorable trips of my life!
    Beth Ann Camarata
    Executive Legal Specialist
  • Our holiday was fantastic. Angelo's trip planning was meticulous and flawless: no detail was left aside. Our expectations for this trip were high, and Angelo definitely delivered what we were looking for
    Michelle Moore Pickard
  • Angelo was extraordinarily knowledgeable, professional and passionate about every aspect of our stay.  He was extremely flexible and was able to make adjustments to anything. He make sure everyone had the experience of a lifetime!
    Ann Brinkerhoff.
    Project Manager
  • My wife and I have taken a trip with Angelo. He is incredibly knowledgeable about geography, history, food, wine and lots of fun facts about every place we visited. He is fun, organized, thorough and makes the trip easy and relaxed. Every detail was perfect with him. From the wonderful, off-the-beaten-track hotels to the tiny bistros where the food was fantastic to the tours of churches and museums, we saw things no one on their own or part of a big tour company trip would see. We cannot recommend him highly enough for anyone wanting to visit the city he calls home: Barcelona.
    Jothy Rosemberg & Carole Hohl
  • The whole experience was unforgettable. Angelo's passion about about art, food and wine is contagious.
    Flavio Fernandez